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Heating Oil vs. Natural Gas in Newburyport, MA

Today’s homebuyers and homeowners know that it is important to be informed about options when it comes to home appliances. One of the biggest investments you can make in your home is a heating system installation, replacement, or conversion. Are you comfortable with your current fuel of choice? In Newburyport, MA, oil heat is preferred by many homeowners. Here’s a glimpse at why:


  • Oil heat is safe. One of the biggest concerns with fuel options is safety. Unlike natural gas, heating oil is non-explosive, making it a safe choice for your home and family.
  • Modern oil heating equipment is efficient. New energy-efficient oil furnace and boiler options are plentiful. If you are interested in installing a new heating system, compare ENERGY STAR® rated systems to find the best fit for your budget and comfort preferences.
  • Fuel oil is affordable. Your fuel payments can be even more affordable and predictable with a budget plan or price protection program from your local oil provider.
  • You have the freedom to choose your preferred fuel provider. Oil dealers are often small, local businesses within your community, unlike major natural gas utilities. Because of this, and because of the oil industry’s flexibility, you can choose a company located near you that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

Find out more about heating with oil and how it can benefit your Newburyport, MA home and family.

Commercial Diesel Fuel Nearby

Bulk diesel deliveries are a significant part of our business here at Olde Town Oil. We are so committed to making sure that our customers with businesses based in Newburyport, MA have the right fuel for the job that we create custom fuel delivery plans based on your specific needs. We provide diesel fuel to power some of the Merrimack Valley area’s…

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Colleges and schools
  • Churches
  • Apartment buildings
  • Marinas
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Large venues and special events

To discuss your business’s on-road diesel or off-road requirements, call Olde Town Oil owner Brad Ligols directly today!

Oil Heating Services in Newburyport, MA

Looking for heating service for your North Shore Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire home? Along with quality home heating oil and on-time deliveries, Olde Town Oil is proud to offer the following services for your Newburyport, MA home:

  • Oil boiler installations
  • Oil furnace installations
  • Oil burner repairs and maintenance
  • Boiler and furnace repairs and maintenance
  • Water heater installations and service
  • Heating system service plans
  • Heating oil tank installations
  • Natural gas to oil heating system conversions


Newburyport, MA’s Air Conditioning Experts

The summer months in New England are for kicking back and relaxing—not worrying about your home appliances. At Olde Town Oil, we’ve got you covered year round for all of your HVAC needs, including services for your air conditioning equipment. Talk to us about upgrading your current home cooling system to save big on energy bills!

  • Central air conditioning installations
  • ductless mini-split air conditioning installations
  • Air conditioning system repairs
  • Annual air conditioning system tune-ups
  • Air conditioning system service plans


Why Choose Olde Town Oil?

Choosing an energy supplier for your home is an important decision. You want to be sure the company of choice is dependable, available, local, and respectful of your time and your property. Here at Olde Town Oil, it is our pleasure to earn your trust and your business. Here are just a few reasons why we believe we can serve your Newburyport, MA home best:

  • We have three local offices in Essex County or Middlesex County, MA (Georgetown, Melrose, and Swampscott).
  • While will-call is available, we encourage our customers to opt for automatic delivery—a service that offers you more convenience each heating season at no additional cost.
  • On top of reliable oil deliveries, we are equipped to provide complete HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance services.

To learn more about Olde Town Oil or to become a customer, please feel free to contact us here!

Fuel Oil Delivery in Newburyport, MA

If it’s heating oil for your Newburyport, MA home that you need, count on Olde Town Oil for your deliveries.

  • Competitive fuel pricing
  • Payment plans and price protection options
  • Complete HVAC services
  • High-efficiency equipment
  • Local offices and service area

We are proud to serve the Merrimack Valley area with quality heating oil delivery and related home comfort services. If you would like to learn more about Olde Town Oil, or if you are ready to become a customer, please let us know!


Expert Oil Tank Installation in Newburyport, MA

For reliable and affordable oil tank installation in Newburyport, MA, turn to Olde Town Oil. When it’s time to replace your oil tank, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the entire process. Our skilled technicians ensure professional installation, and since we prioritize customer satisfaction, you can rest assured there will be minimal disruption to your routine. Choose Olde Town Oil for top-notch service and worry-free oil tank installation in Newburyport, MA.


Keep Warm with Dependable Heating System Maintenance & Installation in Newburyport, MA

Our professional and reliable technicians specialize in boiler and furnace repair in Newburyport, MA, conducting annual tune-ups that increase system efficiency by up to 10% and extend equipment life. You can rest assured the heating system in your Newburyport, MA home will be less likely to break down or need expensive repairs when it’s maintained by Olde Town Oil.


Plus, if your system is over 15 years old, consider our oil heating system installation services to enhance fuel efficiency by up to 30%, saving you money and worry every year.


Hot Water Heater Maintenance & Installation in Newburyport, MA

For superior water heater system maintenance and installation in Newburyport, MA, count on Olde Town Oil to deliver efficient, reliable, and professional services. Our technicians specialize in annual tune-ups, and they can help extend the life and increase the efficiency of the water heater in your Newburyport, MA home.

If you’re considering upgrading to a new, energy-efficient water heater, contact us to explore tankless water heater options, learn about rebates, and get your questions answered.


Save Money & Worry Less with a Heating Service Plan for Your Newburyport MA Home

Keep your Newburyport, MA oil-fired heating equipment operating its best while keeping money in your pocket with a service plan. The comprehensive plans offered to Newburyport, MA residents include a safety inspection, annual tune-up for efficient operation, and a 15–25% discount on parts and labor. Opt for our Home Comfort Plan Plus to enjoy a 25% discount on service parts and labor, providing you with less stress, more savings, and a comfortable home.


Keep Cool in Newburyport, MA with A/C Service, Maintenance & Installation

Stay cool and comfortable in Newburyport, MA with Old Town Oil’s premier A/C service, maintenance, and installation. Catering to both central air systems and ductless mini-splits, our skilled technicians offer expert service, including routine maintenance to ensure peak efficiency and comfort. Whether you’re in need of a new central or ductless A/C installation or ongoing maintenance, rely on Olde Town Oil to keep your Newburyport, MA home cool when it heats up outside.