Natural Gas to Oil Conversions

Are you currently heating your home with natural gas, and want to switch to a non-explosive heating oil? We perform conversions to change the way you heat your home, providing you with maximum safety and efficiency. What major utilities often don’t understand is that home builders, property owners, new Massachusetts residents, and consumers looking to update all need an energy source they can depend on for reliable and uninterrupted service.

Why to Make the Switch to Oil Heat

As a consumer in Massachusetts, where winters are harsh, fuel options are abundant. And unlike major natural gas utilities, other common fuel sources such as oil come with a mor personal, local, and dependable experience. Heating oil is the reason why Massachusetts doesn’t need natural gas as a primary fuel source. Keep reading to learn some unique features and benefits of heating your home or business with fuel oil.

Cost Savings

The costs of natural gas and heating oil are similar, but heating oil burns hotter than gas. This means oil will heat your home in half the time, while burning less fuel. This efficiency will add up and save you hundreds of dollars over time, creating great cost savings for you and your family.

Home Safety

Worry less each and every winter when you heat with a reliable fuel. Unlike natural gas, heating oil is non-explosive and non-flammable, so you know your family is safe at home when the heat is on. Plus, oil-fired equipment that is properly maintained will greatly reduce the risk of unexpected system malfunctions during the colder months. For improved operation of your heating system each winter, don’t forget to schedule your annual tune-up!


Every year, natural gas leaks in the U.S. produce 28 million tons of methane, a greenhouse gas which is 30 times stronger than carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, oil heat fuel and technology is cleaner than ever. Today’s low-sulfur fuel and biofuel blends mean fuel oil is getting cleaner every day. Along with that, modern heating technology makes oil more efficient and cleaner than natural gas without the pollution from natural gas pipelines.


Local, Dependable Heating Service in the Merrimack Valley Area

As an oil heat consumer, you have the opportunity to do business with a local fuel provider of your choice. This isn’t an option for homeowners who use natural gas, whose corporations are run by large, impersonal utilities. Choosing a full-service oil company in your community means that professionals are always at your side when you need assistance. Whether you need emergency heat service, a prompt fuel delivery, or an expert installation, an oil company you can trust is always just one call away.

With all of these valuable benefits, it’s no wonder so many Massachusetts residents choose oil for their heating needs. If you have more questions or would like to convert your gas heating system to oil, please let us know!

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